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Paint and visit Paris

The Paris-Cityscape Art Workshop is an ideal artistic immersion in Paris, where one discovers the various aspects of the city, thanks to a different program every day (gardens ; bridges over the river Seine ; markets ; gothic, classical and modern architecture ; fountains ; etc.) and has also time to get to know the other participants. Don't we keep the record of our dearest trips thanks to the friends we got to know ?
This workshop combines outdoor art classes with Paris walks and museum tours.

1) Morning : Art class

Our painting takes us to the most beautiful sites of Paris. We visit a different location each day.
All the painting and drawing is done outdoors, en plein-air, in the streets and parks of Paris, taking into consideration the suitability of the area for working in.

The program has also been carefully studied to take into account possible rain. We have covered places reserved, from where we can draw, all of which have been chosen with care for their beautiful views of picturesque sites and monuments, or for their subject such as the rich interiors of churches or museums.

2) Afternoon : in addition to the morning art classes, we propose you a program of tours of the cultural and artistic Paris with some breaks for sketching

The visits' goals are directly linked to the program of the morning classes. They include guided tours of :
- the Louvre or the Orsay museum,
- the artistically significant areas and monuments of Paris, like Montmartre, the artists' borough ; Le Marais and his old town houses ; the Latin Quarter's art galleries ; the Luxembourg ; Notre-Dame ; Les Tuileries garden, the Palais Royal and the history of the Louvre, etc.
The guide is either the art teacher himself, or an experienced docent who will explain you the art works displayed in the museums and convey his passion the for city's architecture and history.

Example of daily schedule :

  • Meeting at 10 A.M. for the morning art session (say at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral)
  • Drawing or painting until 1 P.M.
  • End of the morning art session, we can have lunch all together in a restaurant of the area, or you can then go back to your hotel and leave your art supplies, have lunch and rest a little.
  • For those who chose to attend the afternoon tours : Meeting at 5 P.M. (say at the Louvre).
  • Touring until 8 PM
  • End of the daily program

You will be provided with a detailed schedule on the first day, including a map of Paris showing all the daily meeting spots and the easiest means of transportation to get to them. No-one has ever got lost ! We will also recommend the best restaurants and give you ideas for going out in Paris in the evening.

The program sets breaks aside on purpose, avoids the hottest hours of the day, and combines as much variety as possible, in the painting motives and in the cultural visits focuses.

Paris Workshop Dates in 2015

    From Monday, May 18th to Saturday, May 23rd   Register

    From Monday, July 13th to Saturday, July 18th   Register
    From Monday, July 20th to Saturday, July 25th   Register

    From Monday, August 17th to Saturday, August 22nd   Register

    From Monday, September 21st to Saturday, September 26th   Register

Availability : When a workshop is full, "FULL" appears next to the workshop date. If you do not see any indication, this means that places are still available and you can register.
One can combine these dates with the ones available at the Workshop in a château of the Loire valley (in this case, please send two registration forms and two deposits, for each workshop separately).


Morning Art Class : 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Afternoon Paris Visit : 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

It is possible to attend the art classes only.
Wednesday afternoon is free, to meet friends, relax or discover other parts of the city on your own.
The workshop finishes on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Morning art class : having trouble measuring ?

Notre-Dame with acrylics

Watercolor demonstration

Sketching from the Arts' Bridge

Guided tour in the Louvre

Price of the workshop

Full Program : art classes and cultural tours (about 30 hrs) : 700 Euros.
Morning Art Classes only
(about 18 hrs) : 450 Euros.
Afternoon Paris Visits only (about 12 hrs) : 350 Euros.

2 consecutive weeks : 10% off (the program of the art classes and visits is different every week).

Skip the line pre-purchased tickets included in this price (for the afternoon museum tours).

Transportation, lodging, meals and art supplies are not included in the Paris Workshop. A list of recommended hotels and a list of art supplies can be found on the website. You can also rent the art supplies from us.

Dates in July/August allow you to combine the Paris Workshop with the Castle Workshop :

Combo in July/August :
1 week in Paris + 1 week at the Castle  : 2100 Euros
(instead of 2300 Euros)
2 weeks in Paris + 1 week at the Castle  : 2600 Euros (instead of 3000 Euros)

(See equivalent in U.S. dollars , or any other currency.)

C'est fantastique!
Paris was more stunning than the pictures suggest.
I'd recommend painting workshops to anybody wanting a relaxed and friendly introduction to the sites of this historic capital.
Christine, NJ, USA

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The Stravinsky fountain, near the modern art museum (detail)
Acrilique, Nicolas Petrescu