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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never drawn a single line in my whole life. Do you accept beginners ?

Yes, don't worry, there are many beginners and we are here to help you, whatever your level.

Are the art supplies included ?

No. You can have the materials on loan though. It costs 90€ for the 1-week course ; and 30€ for watercolor or drawing materials on the Outdoor Sundays. Please make sure to indicate this request on the registration form. The materials provided are shown on the list of art supplies. If you would like to rent only the folding chair, it costs 10€.

Are the art supplies expensive ?

The cost depends on brands and shops. More or less 120€. Of course, you can save money buying only one or two brushes (do not have only small ones) and only the primary colors (Carmine red, Cobalt blue and Lemon yellow) and black and white.

What budget should I plan for meals, etc. ?

Take into account the fact that one meal in a Parisian restaurant costs around 20 Euros, so you should have 50€ per day set aside for meals and public transport tickets.

Who are the other participants ?

People aged from 16 to 80, generally beginners or amateurs, sometimes professionals (graphic designers, painters or architects) who share a common interest in drawing, and art and culture as a whole.
The group is often cosmopolitan. There are American and Canadian students for example, but we also greet people coming from as far away as Asia, Australia or South America. In total, more than 40 different nationalities have participated in our workshops, from Japanese to Alaskan ! Such diversity of ages and origins makes the week an enriching cultural experience and gives the opportunity for us to see paintings arising from varied sources of inspiration.

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