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Nicolas Petresco-Alupi : artiste peintre paysagiste  Nicolas Petresco-Alupi : artista peisaggista  Nicolas Petresco-Alupi : artista paisajista  Николя Петреску-Алупи: художник-пейзажист

Nicolas Petrescu-Alupi

Nicolas Petrescu-Alupi descends from a long line of artists : the son of Antonina Alupi and Cesar Petrescu, both exceptional painters and talented teachers, who have instructed and encouraged him from his earliest years.
The family's artistic tradition extends back to his grandfather, Calin Alupi, one of the principal artists of Romanian Post-Impressionism.

Understandably Nicolas is proud of such a heritage and it is natural that, after having studied at the Fine Arts, he has chosen to pass on this inheritance by teaching art and painting (see the Story of the Atelier Alupi Studio).

Nicolas Petrescu painting in the Villa Borghese, Rome

N. Petrescu-Alupi, The Alley

Alongside these educational activities he pursues personal artistic reasearch and original studies - particularly in the field of landscape.
He speaks English fluently.

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