Atelier Alupi
L'Atelier Alupi  L'Atelier Alupi in Francia, a Parigi  El Taller Alupi en París, Francia  Студия Алупи (Париж, Франция)


In 1979, Antonina Alupi and her husband, Cesar Petrescu, both teaching at the time in the newly created Fine Arts Studios of the City of Paris, had the idea of giving summer lessons of landscape painting, in a chateau of the Loire Valley.
Their students, wishing to follow the impressionists' steps, were so enthusiastic that the new and original concept of "painting workshops" was born.

One of the first Workshops, in the early 80's

Atelier Alupi

In 1990, Antonina opened her own Art Studio in Paris (Atelier Alupi).
From the beginning, the teaching method adopted was traditionnal, inspired by the family's legacy : Calin Alupi, Antonina's father, one of the greatest names of Romanian post-impressionism.
The aim is to inculcate the basics of drawing by teaching how to measure, as well as to develop the artistic abilities of each student by teaching him or her how to see tones, values and light ; and most importantly how to seperate the essential from the detail, in order to preserve the global effect and harmony of the work.

In 2005, Nicolas Petrescu, Antonina's son, took over most of the Studio's classes and created the Paris - Cityscape outdoor painting workshops, which were immediately successful with both the French themselves as well as all the foreign visitors welcomed in the workshops who were looking to rediscover Paris, or to discover it for the first time through their paint brushes.

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Nicolas Petrescu in the Paris - Cityscape Art Workshop



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