Atelier Alupi
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Academic Tuition

Teaching is adapted to the level of each student, from absolute beginners to advanced. There are 5 hours of classes per day. Classes are taught in French and English.

Our strength comes from the fact that our art classes are made up of small numbers, allowing everyone to have individual attention. (The number of students is limited to 14 and there are two teachers.)

Step by step instruction and teaching suited to your needs.
Academic tuition of drawing and painting, based on traditional techniques of observation and reproduction from real life.


The study of landscape and architecture in drawing or painting ; LEARN TO SEE ; developping observation and imagination ; three dimensional drawing ; looking at atmosphere, values, tone, light, color.
We try to develop the student's creativity while respecting his own personality. Self-discovery through nature and creation.

We give particular attention to the following :

  • Composition : the real structure of the painting :
    • the rules and exceptions
    • the organisation of space on the canvas
    • both traditional and modern styles
    • the symbolism of the compostion
  • Drawing :
    • its role in old and modern compositions
    • the different techniques used to draw correctly :
      • proportions measurements
      • angles
      • obliques
    • line intensity
    • value, shading, light
  • Working on color :
    • mixing the colors
    • tone and contrast
    • the different types of harmonies, based on quality or quantity :
      • warm-cold
      • chiaroscuro
      • complementaries
      • intensity
      • and other
    • echoes in art history and symbolism
  • 3rd dimension :
    • notions of perspective
    • how to render depth, through drawing or color (aerial perspective)
  • Realistic renderings :
    • the atmosphere (real or invented)
    • materials' textures (stone, glass, metal, velvet, skin, etc.)
    • the sky (shading, various clouds, sunset, etc.)
    • the water (movement and reflections)
drawing painting
Who we are
Where ?

Detail of a motive at Chenonceaux. Acrilic


Subjects :

  • On-site landscape study :
    • Trees and vegetation
      The Castle's park is a real botanical garden. We can study a variety of different plan species, from the most common to the rarest (herbs, ivy, copses, roses and other flowers, oak tree, apple tree, chestnut tree, Douglas firtree, Lebanon cedar, Atlas cedar, Himalayas cedar, giant sequoia, Ginkgo Biloba, Araucaria, Japan Sophora and more.)
    • Water and reflections
      Also in the park : lake and river with waterfalls.
    • Skies
    • Architectural elements of the castles
      Of ours and others nearby, where we will do outings.
      In the vicinity :
      • Amboise (4 km)
      • Chaumont (10 km)
      • Valmer (10 km)
      • Chenonceaux (15 km)
      • Blois (27 km)
      • Chambord(32 km)
      • Azay Le Rideau  (40 km)
      • Villandry (40 km) cite only the most famous ones.

      Gardens, towers, bridges, staircase perspectives, lamps, old windows... Ten weeks of workshop would not suffice to discover everything !

    Outing at Chaumont

  • Still life :

    In case of rain, we will work in the Castle.
    Possible subjects : lamps, old books from the library, bunch of flowers, fruit basket or simply drawing an inner angle of the Castle or the beautiful staircase, there is more than enough choice of still lives. One would always have the possibility to paint the park landscape as seen from the castle's windows or copy a painting of the masters from one of the numerous art books available.

We will help you create pieces of work using various techniques :

    • Pencil drawing
    • Charcoal
    • Red chalk
    • White chalk
    • Pen and ink
    • Monochromatic wash
    • Wet watercolor
    • Dry watercolor
  • OIL
    • modern
    • old (with glazings)
    • Soft pastel
    • Oil pastel

Fir trees and rhododendron (detail), acrylic - Nicolas Petrescu


Enjoying a great vacation and art holiday in magnificent surroundings in pleasant company. (Bring your musical instrument if you play any).
Thursday afternoon is free to visit the famous chateaux of the Loire valley, explore the nearby towns, go wine tasting or simply relax in the wonderful park surrounding the castle.

Thank you so much
for an inspiring week and fantastic holiday. I never knew painting could be so relaxing and enjoyable. Your guidance in choosing subjects and helpful suggestions for improving technique made the time so worth while.
Debbie, CA, USA


  • Antonina ALUPI, daughter of the Romanian impressionist Calin Alupi, Beaux-arts alumna.
    1st prize of the Paris Fine Arts Academy.
  • Nicolas Petrescu, professional artist, Beaux-arts alumna (Antonina's son) ; or another teacher who graduated from the Fine Arts Academy.

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