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... The drawings of Antonina Alupi reveal a virtuoso. Her tightly constructed cupboards and subtly plotted portraits reveal admirable technical facility and glow with an aura of mystery - Gérard Xuriguera, Les Figurations.

Antonina Alupi exhibits a special double quality in her works: a penetrating gaze into the depths of things, acute, meticulous, precise, faithful down to the last detail, along with a delicate sensitivity to the living surface. - Pierre Brisset, The Eye.

Antonina Alupi

Antonina Alupi was born in Jassy Romania into a Moldavian family with a long artistic tradition. It was her father, Calin Alupi, a painter of national renown, who sparked her early interest in art. In 1972, after her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, she managed to escape from Communist Romania. She came to France, lured by the "cultural glow" of Paris.
For Antonina, the Louvre epitomized this glow. Despite an exhausting journey, having crossed several frontiers on foot, her first steps in the city carried her to the threshold of the museum. She wanted to see at least the outside of the building, even if the authorities ultimately denied her political asylum.
Antonina was eager to complete her education. She enrolled at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Paris, and graduated in 76. She has exhibited her work in numerous private and public expositions where she has received several prizes (The (Silver Medal at the Salon of French Artists, The Portrait Prize, etc).
Highly regarded for her pen and ink drawings and portraits, she received the Ist prize in drawing from the Academy of Beaux-Arts of Paris, Institute of France in 1976.
For 20 years, in addition to her work as an artist, Antonina has taught drawing and painting classes, first at the Studios of the City of Paris, then in her own Studio, near Montparnasse - see Storia dello Studio Alupi.

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The works of Antonina Alupi can be found in various public and private collections in France and abroad, including the collection of the City of Paris. Always ready to take on a new face, she draws portraits on commission (either from live models or from photographs). For further information or commissions please contact Mme Alupi at +33, or send an email.